Great to be Home?!?
Were is everyone.....please come home and talk to us.

Just wondering how everyone got on on holiday...what did you think of the changes to the town centre? any news to relay?

I met Yildez which was lovely and hopefully will get to meet some more Datca friends in the coming years

Hear from you soon hopefully:468bo:


Great to be Home?!?
I'm here EL, I'm here! Lovely to meet you again 'out there' along with Ruthie Babes and all the kids and husbands. I shall be there again shortly for 3 weeks (just to make you greenish). As for the changes, I love the square at night and the roads look tidier. I don't like a lot of the new building especially anything built on Gebekum or out near Kizlan. It seems crazy when there are hundreds of unsold, empty houses and flats.
One thing I have been meaning to warn people about is that one of our Turkish friends was driving between Aktur and the surf camp and a horse ran out into the road writing off his car and sadly the horse. Luckily he was not badly hurt but thinks he was lucky. Apparently the farmers just turn them out when they become to old to work and they live wild. He says it is not uncommon for them to run out onto the road. I have seen them running down the middle of the road on the mountains at night. So take care if you are driving along that road.
Great to be Home?!?
Turning green as we speak!!!!

On our way home we also noticed a horse wandering along the roadside which we thought unusual as usually there is someone accompanying...that perhaps explains it.

We had a look at Kizlan development and it is quite big but think it will be a long time before finished, have heard not very many sold as people have pulled out. Unfortunate for the developers but maybe good for the area?

Lots of new apartemnts down at the harbour and we also enjoyed sitting listening to the musicians at the square on the weekends......but the biggest improvement has got to be the roads....much better journey now than 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing
Great to be Home?!?

Well it's very quiet here now you've all gone home!!!!! And very hot again after cooler weather last week. Datca is rapidly emptying as most of the Turks go back to their families for Ramazan; it will be busy again for a week at Bayram and then that's it - season over! Empty beaches, no queues in Migros, easy to get an appointment at the hairdressers, no late night noise in town - bliss!!!!!

But I miss you really!!! Really I do!!!! See you soon Jane, hope to see you soon Arlene.
Great to be Home?!?
Hi to all, oh to be back in Datca!!As I sit here listening to the rain beating against the window and the grey descending down, oh help!!!!!!Lucky Yildez living there and Jane flitting back again, it was great meeting up witheveryone and will catch up with Yildez next time.
Yes loved the square esp the fountains at night and everywhere looked spruced up a bit and also tried the exercise things which if used regularly would certainly help the bulges!!!Alot of new buildings coming down into town from migros but all empty which is a pity but maybe some day they will be occupied.
Keep in touch everyone, I have met Emerald lady since coming home and we shared a few bevies and had a boogie (will maybe grow up some day, but not yet)!!
Have a great time Jane in Datca, Im only a bit green xxxxx

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