Great Holiday
Hi I'm New to this But Would Like To Thank The Staff At Jasmin Gardens For All The Help And assistance When we Decided To buy in Olivia In July .We Had Some Great Times With Friends Of Ours On Holiday Before Taking The Plunge But we are thrilled we did buy We Were over again in september to furnish it and cannot wait to return soon . Thanks Very Much To Darlene ,Murat , Methan , And Richie And A Special Mention To Alfie And Hakan For Great Times At The Pool Bar:

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Great Holiday
Welcome, this is a great place to share your experiences, and what a great post it's great to read some good reports re your experience when buying, hope you have many happy times in your home.


Great Holiday
So glad you enjoyed your first stay at Yasmin, its 3 years since we came to live here and we love every day.
Just one small point, it is YASMIN NOT JASMIN, if you tell your transfer driver JASMIN, you may end up at Altinkum, instead of AKBUK!
YASMIN GARDENS SENI SEVIYOURUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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