arthur 7 brenda
Great Holiday
Hi just come back from a 4 week holiday in Yasmin Gardens. we have an apartment on orkide
We had a great time it is just a great place to be, we cannot wait to move over for good.
Darlene, Len & Murhat thanks again for a wonderful stay hope to see you again soon
Arthur & Brenda


Great Holiday
Arthur and Brenda glad to hear you had a great time. Would love to do a months stint. We had a good time over the Easter period and are really looking forward to going out again in September.


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Great Holiday
Hi Brenda and Arthur
Gald you enjoyed your stay, hope to see you both again soon thanks for lovely service on Easter Sunday was much appreciated by the residents and homeowners on the site.


Great Holiday
It was really nice to meet you on your stay here at yasmin and i know your jealous that we are here permanently, but it wont be long before your here for good

take care

see you again soon

mo and tom

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