Great dane puppy
This puppy is in need of a good home and space for running around. He is being given away by the pet shop which is just by the prison coming down the hill towards the bus station in Bodrum. It's the first pet shop on the left. Call them first on 0252 313 0327.

Puppy is black with white underbelly, around 3.5 months old and in dire need. Great Danes need to be fed well and it is evident that he is not being fed enough to keep up with his growth. This has resulted also in his legs being bowed from lack of running space.

If anyone out there can give him a home (and he has a lovely character) please make your way there to the pet shop direct and speak to any of the owners there.

Anybody who doesn't know anything about raising Great Danes can respond to us here and we are able to give you advice on feeding and how to look after this dog properly. He really is a dear little thing and deserves a decent home.
Great dane puppy
I have taken care of the puppy for a few days now and he is adorable , he is now being fostered by some one else untill we find a lovely home for him
Great dane puppy
Hi den, I wish I had the time to take him on they are a great breed used to show a few for friends, as long as you have the space for one I would recomend them any time (hope Gail is not readıng this LOL)
Great dane puppy
His picture is on the gallery I have had 2 when I lived in Canada, can not keep this one too many dogs now , the other dogs loved him , big rumpus when I took him to the foster home. any one who is interested call Carley at Pethane Vets in Bodrum 05322270176
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Great dane puppy
Come on please pass the message around about thıs puppy he wıll make someone a lovely addıtıon to the famıly


Great dane puppy
He looks lovely, but we have our hands full with Barney the Bulldog! I do hope someone can give him a home. Thanks to TLF our lives have taken on a whole new dimension since bringing Barney home, we are so happy to have him, can`t imagine being without him now. I am sure this puppy would do the same for someone else out there.

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