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'Google Sites' Banned
A site called 'Google Sites' has been closed down in Turkey.

The site allows you to create your own website for free and was banned yesterday by a judge in response to a request brought by an organisation (The Atatürkist Thought Association), dedicated to defending the teachings of Ataturk.

The site was banned because it was stated that they would admit sites with material insulting Ataturk, which is an offence in Turkey.

Once again though, the whole site has been banned, rathet than opting for censoring the offending parts of it.

Turkey has become the focus of harsh criticism due to an increasing number of Web sites blocked by the government. Web sites in Turkey are most often banned on the grounds that they insult Atatürk, contain vulgarity, enable gambling or promote suicide.

Many sites have also been banned for crimes covered under the Internet Security Law, but a number of sites are banned for no apparent reason. Among the Web sites frequently banned in the country is the popular video-sharing portal YouTube, which was first banned by a controversial court decision in May 2008 for broadcasting videos deemed insulting to Atatürk and the concept of Turkishness.

Though the ban was lifted several times, access to YouTube was blocked over and over again by different Turkish courts for the very same reason.



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'Google Sites' Banned
Ironic when you think that one of the best quality versions of the Turkish National Anthem is available on UTube.

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