Good Value - Cheap
Hi All
Just in case you don't know, Sunset Restaurant, on the sea front in Turgutreis, is offering one large Efes AND Chips, for only 5 Lira, which İ think is very good value !
They tell me they are open ALL winter !!!
İf you do pay them a visit, mention my name, İ might get a free plate of Chips!!
Good Value - Cheap
That's good to know Gordie,,,if you visit Yali,, go to Keyf restaurant,,you can get a large efes for 3tl,, and he gives you a free plate of chips,,,can anyone beat that??


Good Value - Cheap
Had the same treatment in Antalya the other night...free chips with the beer aswel as nuts and popcorn. Dont know how much the beer was though.

Lynda x


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Good Value - Cheap
..a restaurant in kipa here gives you a large bottle of beer and chips for 5 lira..saying that another restaurant in town will give you large cod and chips and salad(and what a plateful) and a large beer for 12 lira:)

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