Good luck Taşacu Joe
just been reading Joes Blog thechangeingman...have i got that right Joe...and it seems he has started teaching in Taşacu
Good luck Joe..let us know how it all goes. ...and give them (the kids) a whack now and then or they will think you are strange ..(tongue in cheek joke..with a grain of truth)
Good luck Taşacu Joe
Thanks very much!

This link takes you straight into the blog.

The Changing Man

So far I am preparing the school year, so the actual classes haven't started yet, although a few of the kids have been in.

I will be teaching my daughter's class, which will be strange.
Good luck Taşacu Joe
you are welcome..and i'm sure your experiences will be good for those on the forum who have kids in schools here.
hey i think that Taşacu Joe is a better nickname that Joe in Taşacu..
For those who wonder how to say Taşacu.. its tash a ju

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