Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences
There has been so much bad publicity for builders and emlaks lately that I thought I would start off a thread about good experiences. Now the fact you had a good experience doesn't mean that anyone that deals with them will have the same, it is just personal experience and to bring a bit of balance to the one sided posts that have appeared lately. I'm not taking away the fact I'm sorry for the people who have bad experiences because i really feel for them. It could have happened to me because people have done more checks than I did but they were just unfortunate or I was lucky.

We bought in 2004 on our 2nd day on our first visit to Turkey. The tapu was delayed in the fiasco through the government(no fault of the emlak) at the time and we didn't get it for 18 months some 15 months after I paid in full! The owner has now retired and the company was MyHome. The builder still has an office and still is there if you need anything some 5 years later. I had no problems with the build and the standard of the build was excellent.

There are many good emlaks & builders contrary to some of the posts on here but as with the way of the world bad news carries.


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Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences
There are two emlaks l would recommend.
Crescent Homes comes over as a company that aims to please the client without what they can gain from them.When l was with Mushtaq and his team,while going through the legal channels of selling my flat.Was very swift and efficient without any of the headaches that can occur from other emlaks.l strongly recommend Crescent Homes.They also provide a legal service.

The other one was Sultan Homes.My friend had their bungalow built by them that is of high quality without any of the short cuts that tends to happen to save money.The pool was constructed at a very high standard where even the little details were not ignored.And the price for this build by looking at the standard and size of it,is dam good value for money.Mr Özer,is the owner of Sultan properties.
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Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences
I had a good Emlak. Brit-Turk on second beach opp Tuntas hotel. Every correct piece of paper in 4 months.

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Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences
Similar story for us too Martyn, we went to look at the land that our new build was being developed on, it was our first visit to the Bodrum Peninsula, fell in love with the area, did lots of homework, decided that we had a good gut feeling about the plan, paid deposit and 2 years later it was all ready, excellent standard, some on the complex were not, but that was down to change in builder's contractors, so yes I guess we are in the lucky pile. Still in regular contact with the builder and they continue to maintain the property where hiccups have occured, mainly in the ongoing, throughout Turkey damp problem areas that can and do happen. After an extensive damp course, performed by the builder in May this year, (at no cost to us), this winter should be fine. Tapu all in order etc. It is refreshing to have a positve thread. That said I have read many posts that have had me thinking about how it would be if it hadn't gone to plan, and sympathise with those who have lost everything.


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Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences
Our friends and their neighbours got their Tapus today without any major problems. They purchased direct from the Arcitech/Builder and are quite happy cept some bugger nicked their pool pump as they found when they tried to get the pool up and running. Only know the builder as Ouzo and Atilla who are brothers and watched him building the villa from ours before we moved.

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