Golf or Pitch and Putt
Hi everyone, does anyone know of any Golf courses or crazy golf or pitch and putt in Alanya??? got family over and mt nephew is "Golf MAD"!!! so just trying to make him happy!!! thanks


Golf or Pitch and Putt

Nothing in the Alanya area and only real golf courses up at Belek. There is a very, very small crazy golf in Oba on the second street that runs parallel to the beach road. Sorry can't be more helpful.

Golf or Pitch and Putt
And here I am sitting in front of my TV watching the Open being played in perfect conditions, not that far from here, wishing that I was out there.

There aint no justice is there ?


Golf or Pitch and Putt
Hi Cand K,the real courses are about an hour back up toward Antalya in Belek.There are around a dozen now and they are first class courses.One I have played often is the Pasha which I believe can be booked through the Sirene Hotel.
Not knowing what h'cap your nephew has,the Pasha suits all levels of golfer.
A tougher challenge is the ajoining Sultan course.
Check out the Turkish Golf website for all the info.on the Belek courses.

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