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Golf Courses
As far as I know there are no Golf Courses yet in or near Akbuk, or does anyone know different?
We are promised that golf courses are or will be built,
I have lived here in Akbuk for exactly one year now, my husband really misses his golf.


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Golf Courses
We were told a couple of Months ago that there were 2 Golf courses planned, one on either side of the Akbuk - Altinkum Road. This was great news. However we were then told that all Golf Courses countrywide were put on hold by a higher authority (some Government Dept. I think) to assess the impact on Green/Military land.

Not sure what the latest is.

If the Altinkum/Akbuk area want to expand in terms of tourism then Golf is essential in my view (I don't play it BTW)



Golf Courses
Hi Yogi

We looked at property in Altinkum 3 years ago and were told that a golf course was being built, they even took us to the piece of land that was designated for it.

There has also been much talk of Disney land coming to Milos, I never believe anything Im told now until I see it happening.


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