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Golf Courses in Turkey
I've listed some courses here with links to information about them and how to get there etc

I would assume this is in no way a complete list of golf courses in the country - probably just the best known.

1 Antalya Golf Club

Two courses here, the Pasha, and Sultan. Antalya Golf Club is located in the Mediterrenean resort area of Belek, Turkey, only 30 minutes from Antalya International Airport.

2 Bodrum Golf Club

Kemer Mevki, Ortakent
TR-48400 Bodrum

3 Carya Golf Club

Kadriye Beldesi,

4 Cornelia Faldo Golf Club

Three courses here, King, Prince, and Queen, located at Belek.

5 Gloria Golf Club

Located at Acisu Mevkii, 07500 Serik-Belek-Antalaya , and with three courses.

6 Hodja Lakes Golf Course

Incirlik AFB, APO, AE Turkey

7 Istanbul Golf Club

Buyukdere Cad.Harp Akademileri ici
Eski Oto Sanayi Sitesi Karsisi
Yeni Levent/Istanbul

8 Kaya Eagles Golf Club

3 Kum Tepesi, Mevkii, Belek, Antalya

9 Kemer Golf & Country Club

Göktürk beldesi, Uzunkemer mevkii Eyüp, Istanbul

10 Klassis Golf & Country Club

Two courses at Seymen Köyü, Altintepe Mevkii, 34930 Silivri - Istanbul

11 Lykia Links Golf Antalya

Two courses - Denizyaka Koyu, Koprucay Mevkii PK: 31 07600, Antalya

12 National Golf Club

Two courses here, Academy and National - At the National, the 18 hole Championship Course is 6279 meters, par 72 and designed by Ryder Cup Player David Feherty, has played host to the PGA European Turkish Seniors Open in 1996 and 1997. Located at Belek Turizm Merkezi, 07500 Serik, Antalya

13 Papillon Golf Club

Belek Turizm Merkezi, Taslıburun Mevkii Belek

14 Robinson Golf Club Nobilis

P.K 56-Serik, Acisu Mevkii/Belek,TR-07500 Antalya

15 Sueno Golf Club

Two courses at Kadriye, Serik, Antalya

16 Tat International Golf Club

Three courses, River, Mediterranean, and Forest. , Located at Uc kum Tepesi MevkiTR-07500 Serik, Antalya



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Golf Courses in Turkey
:wink:Definition of Golf: A Good Walk Spoiled. Mark Twain:wink:


Golf Courses in Turkey
so, no golf courses near didim then? i dont have a clue myself but have a friend who wants to stay at my aprtment in akbuk and has asked the question

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Golf Courses in Turkey
I'm a keen golfer who is in the process of moving to Istanbul. I spoke to a friend of a friend the other week who told me golf is expensive here.

Can anyone share any experiences of golf, especially in Istanbul?


PS: I used to subscribe to the view that golf was an old man's game, a waste of a good walk, etc., until I took it up, and love the game; challenging and a great way to get out and get away from the daily grind!

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