Going to Izmir
Yes im going to Izmir for a few days to visit a friend of mine from the Army.. Any good Hotels that you guys can suggest? Any good place to eat? Drink? Im not an expert on the Kemalist Kule of Izmir :)


Going to Izmir

I posted this list on another forum, but here goes:

The chinese under the Hilton *forgot the name, but there's only one* bit pricey, but excellent service, and fantastic chinese food.

Tike - Next to the Swiss hotel (about 2 minutes in a taxi) it's a good restaurant which serves a mix of Turkish dishes with an international touch. They have a fab grilled hellum salad (hellum is a type of cheese which is usually served grilled) affordable price range.

Le cigale - Italian/french restaurant in Alsancak (I think it was beind the french embassy, but don't quote me on that) Very romantic and excellent service.

Cafe Melanie - sea front (kordon) in Alsancak. Selection of affordable international and Turkish dishes.

Kose basi (pronounced koshe bashi) it serves the best Turkish food, lamb is sensational, but it's not cheap. Worth going for the view alone, as it's situated overlooking the entire expanse of Izmir Alsancak right over to Karsyaka (on a clear day)

There are several quaint traditional Turkish restaurants around the Kemal Alti area (ancient bazaar in Izmir), always look for one that's busy.
The Kordon is the best place to find an excellent Fish and Meze restaurant.

The Kordon is a must if you're looking for somewhere with a lively atmosphere to have a meal or a drink, or even just a walk day or night. Lot's of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Agora shopping centre has a great selection of eateries. Including a place called pexmet which I found to be very cheap, but very delcious international/turkish cuisine.

For hotels I've stayed in two, best western in konak and the swissotel. Different standards, best western is reasonable, but not very central.
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Good luck, hope you enjoy your stay and please let us know of any other nice restaurants you visit.



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Going to Izmir
i would like to "chat" with izmir people. was there 72-74--loved it joe age 58 natchez mx usa i was electronics tek at diski lived on cumhuriyet and 1392 sokak fave restaurqnt was a little kebab place we called charlie's, the dipp, and erol un yeri loved sutlu salep

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