GoGirl Introduces herself
Hi There:
I bought an apartment in Alanya in 2006.
Got the deed in 2008.
Seems like Murphy's law went to work in full action.
I won't go into details cause it's hard to believe that
anyone can get so unlucky.
I hope to get some good advise from some of you that
live in Alanya and know where to get help.
I am an optimist at heart and things can only get better from here.
Perhaps some day I will even get the desire to go back.
I live in Scandinavia.

martin m

GoGirl Introduces herself
Hi go girl
Welcome to the forum, Well actually most folk on here have had some trials and tribulations whilst purchasing in turkey, us included, but eventually daylight appears. as you have your tapu, habitation?things cant be that bad, and anyway theres some fantastic people on here to help with just about anything.
welcome again
GoGirl Introduces herself
welcome gogirl..
and come on go go and spill the beans .tell us what happened.
Which Scandinavian country are you from.?


GoGirl Introduces herself
:5: Hi Go Girl, welcome to the Forum, you will find lots of info on the forum and find that many have had some sort of trial and tribulation, I hope whatever is wrong will get sorted for you and hope you get some answers on here :5:


GoGirl Introduces herself
A bit more about where I am from:
Born: Buenos Aires
raised: NYC
born again and raised again in: Copenhagen..half of my life

I say "born again" cause New York values and Danish values are as opposite as they get. Add to that that I am a pieces pulling in opposite directions and well let's just say that to me "reality" is whatever "illusion" you want it to be. I like hard core proof before placing judgment. I hate gossip. I am addicted to knowledge. I believe questions are more important than answers. It drives me nuts when I can't get to "my" answers cause of so many contrary views.

All cultures have a thing or two to teach us if we are open to it. I want to thank all those who contribute to this forum. Sharing is a good way to spend time, don't you think?

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