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This is a fabulous article - I would have sworn the lady in it was our own Carol until I saw the name at the bottom!

It shows everything we've ourselves seen in Turkey, the layers of people you have to go through to get anything done, the attitude towards women, the shrugging of the shoulders accompanied by “burası Türkiye” (this is Turkey).

But this lady was not for giving up, no way.....




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Go Girl!
That article sounded like myself personified ! - ask my friends in Side ! And as Soo (Rainbow) told me when İ asked her why she had to go to a certain restaurant in Kas - her reply was 'To Kick Ass' - couldn.t have said it better myself ! Nevertheless - we all LOVE the Turks or we wouldn.t be here eh? - And part of the culture here seems to be to have to put up with this sort of thing and then for us to try and help sort thıngs out the best way possible.
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If you open your mouth a bit without any attitude, you can get things done in Turkey..
But you have to know, who to go and how to do it.. You have to know your rights, at the end it is a "civilised" country.


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Great article, great lady
and yes, indeed, Turkey is a civilized country
So, "burası Türkiye" can also be understood as a demand for a bribe ? Never looked at it that way.....

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