Nadine in disguise
Gitmek = to go
We already did see the verb "gelmek" (to come), so now we have :
gitmek = to go

Gitmek is a slightly irregular verb as the "t" changes into "d" before a vowel.
Note : this is not the general rule with verbs (another verb following that rule is etmek, but that is for another thread)

Present time (called şimdiki zaman )
(ben) gidiyorum : I go
(sen) gidiyorsun : you go
(o) gidiyor : he goes
(biz) gidiyoruz : we go
(siz) gidiyorsunuz : you go (plural)
(onlar) gidiyorlar : they go

Making questions (using the MI-word !)
gidiyor muyum ? (am I going )
gidiyor musun ? (are you going) .....
gidiyor mu ? (is he going)
gidiyor muyuz ? (are we going )
gidiyor musunuz ? (are you going)
gidiyorlar mı ? (are they going)

Note that in the negative form (adding -me or -ma to the stam !) the t does not change into d, because it is not followed by a vowel :

(ben) gitmiyorum : I dont go
(sen) gitmiyorsun : you dont go
(o) gitmiyor : he does not go
(biz) gitmiyoruz : we dont go
(siz) gitmiyorsunuz : you dont go (plural)
(onlar) gitmiyorlar : they dont go

An easy form to use is the imperative :
Git - go !
because this is a bit impolite, you can add lüften :
git lüften.........
the negative is : gitme lütften (please don't go)

There is a well known song by Sezen Aksu called git :
git... git...... (she sings it a little hesistant) and then :
gitme , kal.....(don't go, stay)
yalan söyledim..... I did lie

It is a very nice song, I do like it a lot

Now, if you want to say " I want to go"
you can say : gitmek istiyorum (remember istemek , to want ?)
but a nicer way is : gitmem lazım (I have to go)
(this literally means : my going is necessary, gitmem means "MY going")

lazım means : necessary and can also be used for things like :

taksi lazım (a taxi is needed )
para lazım (money is needed )
Otele gitmek lazım (it is necessary to go to the hotel)

(Note : it is not necessary to add a personal pronoun when you use lazım, therefore it is very easy to use, so if you say "para lazım" it probably means that you need money, but if a salesman says "para lazım" it is more likely he means that YOU need money to buy it.....,
if the taxidriver says : taksi lazım he means that YOU need a taxi to go there, if you say "taksi lazım" it means that you need a taxi....... )

As to go indicates a movement (direction !) is is always used with the dative mode :
Eve gidiyorum ....... I'm going home
Lokantaya gidiyoruz .... We are going to the restaurant
Otele gitmek lazım ........ It is necessary to go to the hotel

Taman mı ?
Şimdi gitmem lazım.....


Gitmek = to go
Beautifully put!! and loved the lazım forms!! Much appreciated.

Debbie XxxX


Nadine in disguise
Gitmek = to go
Thanks Debbie,
I focused to be more effective, LOL

Glad you like it, so do I.......Do you by any chance know that song by Sezen Aksu ?

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