Getting up the hill-Transfers
This is the reply i got from the transfer company that i normally use:

I've just received your transfer booking form. But I want to let you know;for the Ufuk Hillside Complex we are not doing shuttle transfer. If youwant shuttle, we will drop off you in front of Akbük Tansaş, if you wantdoor to door service ou should take VIP transfer. Please let us know aboutyour transfer type and drop of/pick up point. Then I'll send youconfirmation and complete the booking. Kind Regards Şule ERGÜN -- ALTINKUMTRANSFERS.COM.

how did you get up the hill when you arrived? there having a laugh or what?

I have booked to be out there on 24 Sept for 1 week. it might take me that long to get up the hill if they want lots more money, cos i aint paying much more than i normally do.:amen:


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Getting up the hill-Transfers
This is a common problem with properties too high up the mountain and with no real road.

It's not just transfer companies but furniture stores & ambulances too.

If the vehicle is large (van-like) it is unsafe or too hard to get up the hill. Fair due they have let you know as a lot don't and just leave you in the middle of Akbuk.


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Getting up the hill-Transfers
Hi Marian,we were out at the Hillside in August.I have always used Gordion.This year they charged £40 for 1 person, £50 for 2 people and £80 for 4 adults, 1 child and an infant Private transfer/VIP.this is twice the amount I paid last year.
Maxi Tours charged £10 per person for transfer from Bodrum Airport to Tansas but wanted an extra £20 per person to go up the hill.
I have decided that car rental will be more cost effective next time


Getting up the hill-Transfers
Blimey! In May we used Maxi tours who charged us £15 each and swapped us from the transfer bus to a car at the Akbuk turn. The car then took us up the hill. I know that the buses don't like going up there and they get complaints from other passengers about the extra time and some are scared. But this is taking advantage, I feel.
Wish there was a way we could arrange our own transfer system from Hillside. There must be enough of us now for a local person to make some, but not this much, money from serving us.
A car from the airport costs about £25 and then they add £15 for the driver to get it there and come back on the transfer. Even between 2 that is now cheaper than transfers.
We are out on 18th Sept and will hire a car now. If anyone else is arriving that day they are welcome to see if we are on similar or the same flights an share.
We fly at 1500h from Gatwick - prob arrive Bodrum about 2200h after formalities. (i.e handing over your £10 note!)

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Getting up the hill-Transfers
Hi Marian,
We use Altinkum Dream Homes for our transfers we are going out on Friday 10th and he is picking 4 of us up and he will take us right to our door the price for this is £45 and he has always been reliable, i would give him a try


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Getting up the hill-Transfers
We also have had a problem with the same transfer company Croesus, Altinkum transfers are but a couple of the names they use. We live near King villa's which is about a mile off the main road, and were told after using them throughout the year for at least 2yrs that the drivers didn't know where the complex was, but if we booked a private transfer then they would do it. I can only assume private transfer drivers are issued with a map. lol
We now use LOVE TOURS who 2date have given us good service.
Getting up the hill-Transfers
We usually use Gordion Travel, was £10 per person for Shuttle, they put it up in July to £15 per person, said due to hill!!!

During our stay in July Friends of ours needed a transfer, we rang Gordion and booked it for them, only charged them 45 liras for 2 of them, to the same complex!!!

Disappointed as we use them 5-6 times per year.

Private transfer £50.

I believe Ionia Travel go up the hill, £10 per person for the shuttle service.
Getting up the hill-Transfers
We have used Gordion Travel and had no problems getting up the hill, they sometimes transfer to a taxi but have always been good. Also furniture has been delivered by lorries up the hill to most of the apartments that have been sold - i haven't had any problems with this and was there recently, bought some new stuff in Altinkum and they took us back home within the hour.

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Getting up the hill-Transfers
I know this is an old chestnut now. Just wondered if anyone has any up to date info on transfer companies & prices to actually be taken all the way up the hill. Thanks
Getting up the hill-Transfers
Contact Jayne or Ergun onsite management, they have details and prices all the way up the hill. Cant get on my email to give you the number will try later and post.

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