getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
Can anyone please tell me how to get from Antalya Bus station to the airport in winter time, and if its cheaper in a taxi about how much please/ also if i can get an airport bus and the distance i should allow. Thanks.
getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
You can pay the bus driver that you arrived on, but it aint cheap and he'll only do it if there are enough of you. Sometimes that involves waiting outside the security gate till he comes out 20 min' later. Bloody rip off.
We have heard that there is a city bus but you must walk from the main road. Sorry, that's all I have.


getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
Dwight, that doesn't make sense to me, she's at the bus station, doesn't mean she got there by bus. I know there is a bus to the domestic terminal but I'm sure some Antalians will be along with more info.


getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
The best thing for you would be to organise a transfer with a company like A2B. If you can give them the name of a hotel in Antalya to pick you up from a one way transfer by coach would cost you about £9. They will not pick you up from Antalya coach station. The bus from Antalya coach station only drops off at the main road but you can get a taxi from there to the airport. This should cost you no more than £5.



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getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
Here's a link to the Havas website which gives information in English about times and fares between the Otogar and the Airport.

Havas: Antalya

Taxis between the Otogar and the Airport charge between 35 and 55 TL depending on the time of day and how good your negotiating skills are. The journey takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending on how mad your driver is and the amount of traffic.
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getting from Antalya Bus station To airport.
If you are short of time or are travelling in the dead of the night then I believe that your only option is to take a taxi.

If you have plenty of time during the day or early evening.In addition to Havas there is a Belediye bus which runs at two hourly intervals from the bus station to the airport, number 102 if I remember correctly.

You also have the option of catching the local bus to Alanya/Manavgat. These buses, run very frequently during the day, do not go into the airport but will drop you at the taxi rank at the junction of the main road and the airport turning.

Apart from agreeing with KKOB's taxi price estimate I cannot advise on the bus prices.

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