Geothermal . Jeotermal
Getting ready to move into our new place. appliances...nothing. The Geothermal is not hooked up ....that is my responsibility. Does the geothermal just heat the radiators? Does it heat the water or do I need a separate electric heater? Guess im wondering if I can go without hooking it up since the cold weather should be over soon. Cant live with out AC so that is our first install....can use the heat function to get through the remainder of the cold.


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Geothermal . Jeotermal
Geothermal will not heat ordinary radiators in the same way that a conventional boiler does the job; you will get a background heat (or cooling) and the best styles for the job are what in US are known as baseboard, or preferably under floor heating, so that the low heat is spread around the house evenly.

You donĀ“t say where you are living. There is a company (SO) in Fethiye doing this.

There are more companies doing heat pumps (rather than geothermal), which is the same idea but air-source rather than ground-source.

Geothermal . Jeotermal
Geothermal is the heat source for the complex. Dont think I have a choice. It is brand new. Just need to know how the heating system works. Balcova area. Does the Geothermal system heat my water or do I need a separate electrical system.
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