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Hi everyone I am new to the forum and will be coming out to Dalyan in august to stay in a rented villa.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me on the general price of things in Dalyan as I am a newcomer to Turkey. It would be really helpful if you could tell me for example the price of:

eating out for about 7
average weekly shop for 7
price of beer or wine
taxi prices
and if possible if there are any local attractions for a 6 and 8 year old

Cheers Josh

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General Prices
Welcome Josh, enjoy meeting new friends on here. I'm sure someone will be along from Dalyan to help you out.


General Prices
hi Josh eating out prices depend on whether you want a restuarant or a lokanta, average price is about 20 lire a person in restaurant and about 10 in lokanta. Hard to tell what price of shop all depends on what you like, meat is expensive here, veg cost next to nothing, anything imported will cost you more, and the beer we buy from wholesalers in town by the crate for 35 lire, wine average about 10 lire. attactions for kids very good beach, plenty of boat trips thats about it really hope you enjoy your stay maybe we will bump into you, if you need anymore help let me know as we live here all the time


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General Prices
Yes eating out prices depends on where you choose. If you choose the restaurants by the river they will cost a bit more. The quieter turkish style restaurants by the market place and middle of town are cheaper.

As an example a chicken dish in a cheaper restaurant would cost around 9ytl.
Whereas a chicken dish in a more expensive restaurant would cost around 19ytl.

Taxi prices are 7ytl to go anywhere in Dalyan.

You could always take your children to the Fethiye or Marmaris Aquaparks as the trips can be arranged in Dalyan.



General Prices
As for your weekly shop if you go to sevikoglu pronounced shevikohloo, and do a big shop they will deliver it for you and you would probably save about 10% on Migros prices.
Ok so Migros is nicer to shop in and sometimes has things that other stores don't and there are taxi's outside the door. For the kids there are childrens parks and playgrounds and all Turkish people love kids so they will be made a fuss of. A little tip with a party of 7 people you can ask a restaurant for a discount before you stop and eat, especialy the more expensive ones. Please don't try this at the little locantas, they are cheap enough as they are. Beware wine in most restaurants is expensive and imported spirits are as well. So don't forget your duty free for the villa.
General Prices
Would be intrested to know where the wholesaler is? Are bottles EFES?and how many do you get in crate? Cheers!!!

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