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But Mushroom obviously we all want you to get negative result- however if the result was that you have had it and yet it never affected you would you not then feel even more secure than being vaccinated?
Nope. It's still too early to say. Incubation period is 5 days on average, but can be between 2-14 days.
If my daughter just happened to catch it from the drunken Crystal Palace platform head basher on the Saturday, it hit her on the Tuesday early AM. If it had been transmitted to me on the Monday PM when she visited, I could now have it but it hasn't finished even the average incubation period. Just for good measure, I drove her to the PCR test on Tuesday afternoon (face masks but in a confined space) so I might be infected but not about to show any symptoms for several days.
I can't yet feel secure about anything as it is to soon to call and the good old NHS has still not given the 3 remaining testers in our household a result yet, so the 'within 24 hours' anticipation has passed, the boss is not allowed into work but we are isolating without symptoms.
I'm just glad we are all double jabbed but the eldest daughter is still very much under the weather.

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