To explore the sites along Turkey's southern border, take the highway which connects Gazi Antep, Sanli Urfa and Mardin to Syria and Iraq.


Gazi Antep city is not a resort but the city and its surrounding areas are well worth visiting. A guide is recommended to visit these areas as they are strictly muslim places not like the resorts and not many people speak english there also as a european woman you must dress with respect or you will attract unwanted attention as when I was there in December I saw quite a few russian and foreign fahise, you may be mistaken for them if you are not with a man. Also do not go out at night alone as it is too dangerous. I was with a Arabic friend from this region who did not leave my side and warned me of the dangers for women in particular in this neck of the woods, so always err on the side of caution.

I spent time there Christmas 2003. There is a good museum to visit with lots of mosaics and statues and of course the impressive hill top castle smack bang in the city. When I get my photos on disc I will put them on here. If not I will have to send them to mushtaq to put on here.

I hope to visit Sanliurfa and the surrounding areas at a later date in the next couple of years.

I can recommend an excellent plush hotel to stay in 'The Ravanda' just within the city, very reasonable prices, its a sort of Hilton Hotel style hotel. Some of the other hotels I would not recommend for reasons mentioned earlier.


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