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Gaurantees for electrical goods
For the third we have have a fault with an electrical item bought from Metro and have been told yet again that the item has to go to their repair facility in Turgutreis and you can take it yourself if you want a quickish service. The guarantee is obviously not worth the paper its written on. Kipa are just as bad. In future we will only buy from Arcelik or Beko as their service is second to none.
I welcome your comments and experiences.

Sunny Seasider

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Gaurantees for electrical goods
We bought our first DVD player from Kipa, whilst still under guarantee it went on the blink, took it back to Kipa with receipt, the guy said we'll have to send it back to factory in Istanbul!!!, never saw it again. Whenever I went to customer service desk, their arms in the air, no comprehendo etc, one very helpful Turkish customer, who spoke excellent english tried to help, still no comprehendo. It's not the cost it's the principal. Yes first experience, now only buy at Arcelik Beko etc. Second DVD still ok, well it was when we left it in July, hehe.


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Gaurantees for electrical goods
Yes, Metro and Kipa useless with after sales. Cannot comment on any other outlets as we have not had to return goods elsewhere.


Gaurantees for electrical goods
Have to agree...we bought everything from Arcelik, and had to call them back only on occasion for a slight problem with our air conditioning. Prompt and efficient service, and lovely staff.


Gaurantees for electrical goods
Yes agree........

Tansas and Migros just as bad......

I bought a phone with two handsets as was fed up running up and down stairs all the time.A bit expensive,but I convinced myself it would be a boon. It worked a treat....for two months!

Took it back along with the receipt and guarantee to be told" Here is the address,send it to Istanbul!!" grrrr.

Packed it up properly and kargo to Istanbul,sat back and waited. Nothing! Zilch! so trotted off back to Tansas and was given a phone number to ring in Istanbul. 6 weeks later the kargo people rocked up wanting 10 lira for a parcel. Yay!! my phone back......for 3 weeks till it snuffed it again.

Back to the shop,and exactly the same response.:35:

I got another phone!!! Cheap as chips..and it works.

Gaurantees for electrical goods
Mmmm, interesting; I bought a Watson flat screen TV from Metro a couple of years ago, with a two year warranty (from Watson) during the first year it had the same recurring fault, Metro referred us to their repair agent (in Ortakent) very friendly but the repair only lasted a week or so. After 5 repairs they sent it to Izmir & it was eventually fixed properly & (touch wood!) is still OK.

The experience was a pain, but the service people did their best & ultimately the TV was ok, so in this instant the after service (not really through Metro) was Ok in the end, but a bit of a pain in the time it took!

As far as Kippa/Tesco is concerned, you may be interested in Tescopoly - Home a worldwidecovering website about alleged Tesco wrongdoing as a corporate conglomerate.

In Metro, I've always found being a quiet persistent 'foreigner' gets you so far, then you have to resort to loud shouting, waving of hands etc (just like the Turks do) has some effect in getting things done!

On a lighter side; I went to Metro in Ortakent recently & on entering the store the alarms went off. I stepped back & re-entered & once again they went off.

By now I had two security officers with me, checking me with their detectors....then they found what was making a 'beep'

I was wearng a shirt I had bought in England at Makro, & they had not de-activated the security tag, so it had set of the Turkey metro alarm system....give the security guy's their due, they saw the funny side side of it & let me into the store (after the tag had been removed)

What an intersting country!

In Turgutreis---centre of the known universe!

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