gas cylinder

A few questions to be answered to please.
Where in Didim can I buy a cylinder of gas for a cooker.?
Do they deliver?
How much?
Must I pay deposit on the cylinder? or do I have to buy the first cylinder(+ gas)


altinkum kev

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gas cylinder
They are available all over Didim,they all deliver you see them driving around all the time mostly with the water sellers there is a deposit with first cylinder and i think the exchange cylinder is about 50tl.
gas cylinder
Just ask your local store w for the Aygaz number. If you don't speak Turkish, get someone to call for you, as they deliver - no need to wait for a passing truck. Same dealer will also supply large water bottles and a pump if needed. Wherever I have lived have always had deliveries within the hour.

You will need to fork out for a deposit on new cylinders, though.

I usually tip the delivery guy a couple of lira, I doubt he earns a lot.

ted j

gas cylinder
I've got 2 "gas level indicators" to take when we move. They are like those bendy fridge magnets and have different coloured squares to tell you how much is left in the cylinder just had a look, there's no brand name, but they were in the kleeneeze catalogue

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