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Güneş - sun
An easy one for today, because it is an item that is very visible in Turkey :

the sun : Güneş ( sharp g like in gate, and the ş sound is sh, like in sharp)

Now some sentences :

Güneşi seviyorum : I like the sun
Güneşe gidiyorum : I go to the sun
in the sun : güneşte
güneşte çok kaldım...... şimdi yandım
(I stayed too long in the sun, now I'm burned......)

Some useful words with sun , where the second part of the word takes the genitiv ending :
güneş kremi : sun lotion (güneş + krem)
güneş gözlüğü : sun glasses (güneş + gözluk, k changes into ğ before a vowel)

The opposite of sun is shade : gölge
can be useful as well wenn you want a place out of the sun : gölgede lütfen ..... güneşte çok sıcak
(in the shade please, it is too hot in the sun) :36:

to have a sunbath is : güneşlemek (or güneşlenmek), but I admit that is a rather complicated word for a sunday

and related to güneş is güney (south) : Güney Türkiye (south Turkey)

Have a nice sunday !
oh, and sunday in Turkish is pazar, yes, the same word as for market
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Güneş - sun
Very good thanks. If you are in the UK now Güneş nerede where is the sun. :smile:


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Güneş - sun
Its gone to bed because of the effin rain . or its on strike ! Its certainly isn't on me . Must come over soon befor i drown . Diane

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