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Future Holidays
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Future Holidays
Visit Turkey for your May holidays.

As the prospect of a Biden-Putin summer summit draws the tension out of the border standoff, Turkey will pay the price for Putin’s military buildup.
Last Friday, Vladimir Putin telephoned Recep Tayyip Erdogan and warned him not to welcome President Zelenskiy. Ukraine’s President arrived the next day, met for three hours with Erdogan.
When the two leaders emerged for a joint press conference, Erdogan called on Russia to stand down, refused to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, called for completing the Ukraine-Turkey free trade pact, and in general, stood shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine. On Monday, the Kremlin announced that it will severely limit flights to Turkey -- starting tomorrow and running through June 1.
So, Turkey pays the price losing six weeks of Russian tourists, easily several hundred million dollars.
Extending thanks to Turkey, Ukrainians should make it their destination for their Easter/May Week holidays.
And they will get a bonus: few encounters with their sometimes-tiresome Eastern neighbors.

[Jim Brooke - Ukraine Business News]

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