Furniture - Prices - excellent
I have a leaflet given to me stating prices for furniture.

It is HOME DEPO = next to Migros

Konfor 5 piece Bedroom furniture package and
Konfor 4 piece dining room set and
4 piece Living room set 2.990TL

Diner table 100tl
Bed Matress and Head Board 250Tl
Teenage bedroom set 600tl
2 door wardrobe 200tl
Leader Head Board 60tl
Sofa Bed 195tl
tv stand 75tl
Coffee Table 60 tl
Cooker -Oven 300tl

Flip side of leaflet - In Turkish same prices.

I put this on as there are never any prices in the shops when looking at furniture.

I know Konfor is an excellent make as I have my lounge furniture is of this quality.

I have no interests in this company; only the prices which I want to share with you.

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Furniture - Prices - excellent
Panther - you didn.t say where the Migros or Depo place was ... do I take it - Bodrum? And any chance of delivery to other Turkish towns perhaps? At what price?

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