Furniture/ agent
more help needed..again.
Any info on where i can get a good furniture pack, where from & cost.
Has anyone got an agent they use to let there property? if so what was involved.

thanks in advance :Flower:


Furniture/ agent
there are plenty of furniture shops along the main street in altinkum - round and about the carrefour supermarket. look back on the threads over the past few weeks and you will see plenty of recommendations - efes was one of them. we good furniture for the whole 2 bed apartment for less than the ufuk package price and better quality from Kartal. delivered next day and put together for a 'tip'. brilliant service.
we visited an agent while we were over there with a view to letting one of ours but havent yet cos its all a bit unfinished up there yet. erhan recommended to us a guy called kenan ondure of didim aftercare services and he seemed good. his office is opposite from carrefour above a supermarket called bim, i think. you go down the side street and his name is on a door plate. ring the bell and ask for ken!! i believe erhan may now work with him!
hope that helps. good luck


Furniture/ agent
Hi Marian

Instead of buying a furniture pack, do the whole list of the pieces you would need and walk in as many as shops possible on the main street in altinkum to bargain on the price and compare the quality.Some people think they would save money to have someone local while shopping, which is not true.dont let people making commission on your purchase .do it yourself,save a few hundred pounds.and dont pay everything after you buy.put a deposit,get them deliver the furniture without damages and make sure you have the guarantees written down and signed by the seller.

re the rentals , i think you will be disappointed about the rentals cause people are mislead when buying the property about rental potential.the area needs a few more years for the rental market to settle down.once the number of the flights improve and gets cheaper,then the rental market will be better.
people pay a fixed yearly fee to aftersales companies who claim that they will rent the property for you which is not realistic or will be far below your expectations.just count how many properties there are on your side then you will see better how likely that rental company will rent your property instead of someone else's.

hope this helps.


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