Hi all,

Just about to buy the remaining items for my property. If anyone has furniture etc that they are selling then please let me know. I will be in Datca for another couple of weeks but hope to buy my things well before I go. If you see me and want to stop me then please do so. I am currnetly the only black guy riding a bike around the steets of Datca :15:

Hope to here from you soon.

Hi Winston

I saw you passing from my balcony last week and did a double take!!!! Darren and Debbie mentioned you - we were discussing dongles! - and said you had a bike. Sorry don't have any furniture but I do have a dog who is on her final warning - she chewed the iron cord in half yesterday! And it was Debbies iron not mine!

Hope to meet you soon

Good thing that she is not on the internet yet as she would now know about the Iron!!!!!!

Knowledge No..... Internet is power!!!!


Crikey Winston, I'm impressed. You are riding a bike in that heat and on those roads! Had I known you were a cyclist I would have invited you to join the last leg of the UK to Datca bike ride last year. My son and his friend had about 10 Turkish cyclists accompany them from Marmaris to Datca.
Anyway I accosted you over the peach counter in the market a couple of years ago. I just took a wild guess and thought it must be you!! I haven't seen you around since but glad to hear you must have finished your renovations (when is the house warming party lol). I'm back out in just over 2 weeks. I suppose you will be going back at the end of the school holidays so I will probably miss you. You will be envious to hear I took early retirement from teaching and just do a bit now and again meaning I can visit Datca anytime.
Sorry to say I don't have anything to sell but hope you get sorted soon. Hope to see you and your family again sometime.

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