Frogs in the pool!
Do you know that if you have frogs in your pool that the balance in the water has changed and it has now become a pond. Therefore, it is safe to use this water to water your garden thus saving water from your tap.
I attach a photo of Mr. & Mrs. Kermit. Can anyone tell me more about them, species, how long they live ect.


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Frogs in the pool!
That's the Turkish Golcuk Kurbaga.

They're a protected species and you're not a allowed to remove them from their habit. They only live for 3 to 5 years.

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Frogs in the pool!
Having practiced adding photos I can now show you a couple of our visitors.
Their noise in the night is deafening for such a small creature!


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Frogs in the pool!
Yep, as sure as I'm riding this unicycle while typing ! :wink:


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Frogs in the pool!
They look the same as the frogs back in England that are also protected.Did you know that a frog can breath through it’s skin while staying under water for long periods of time.The reason why they are protected is because over time.Their natural habitat was disappearing under the advancing encroachment of the human communities.So,what is left are little pockets of suitable havens for the frogs.And also the property owners can play a major part in creating the ideal habitat haven for the wildlife to increase in their numbers.

Frogs have been roaming the earth for millions of years while the dinosaurs are munching on the tree's.A little frog would be hopping around the big lizard feet,causing confusion to the dinosaur while contemplating on whether to turn carnivorous or carry on eating the green stuff,which he was getting pretty sick of[interesting to know how a dinosaur throws up].l suppose that’s how they became a connivour, when one intrigued Dino started munching on a frog and liked the taste of it.Leaving the frog no choice but to breed in huge numbers to keep it species active.

It’s handy being a frog during the climate we are experiencing through the conspiracy issues of global warming.But when the weather turns for the worse it is the frog that will more likely survive the adverse weather conditions then us humans,because the frog can adapt to the surrounding atmospheric temperature, due to it being cold blooded.

During the autumn time you will notice a lack of froggy’s,that’s because they decided they had enough of all that mating which knackered them completely and will dig burrows in the bottom of the pool to hibernate through the winter to replenish their testerone until spring.lf you listen closely to the surface of the pond you can faintly hear them snoring away.And it has nothing to do with the fish farting.

A frog is almost impossible to catch even if you sneak up behind one,because there fat bulging eyes can see all round,including behind them.There eyes aids the frog to eat as well.When a frog has zapped a appetizing insect and starts to swallow it.The eyes sink into the sockets and into the skull.This helps to force the food down,similar to some people l know when they eat.

A frog is also a land dwelling creature that needs to take a breather from all that swimming.lf they don’t they will drown.While on the land,they get all their moisture from their skin,by excreting a mucus for the skin to breathe in the oxygen they need to survive, or they will suffocate if it dries up
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