Fresh Cream
Hi all
I was wondering is it possible to purchase FRESH CREAM in the bodrum peninsula?Preferable in kippa or metro.
If so ,what is it called?



Fresh Cream
Never seen it, but must be some somewhere or what do they do with it. Anybody got any answers? Can buy a kind of clotted cream, it's called Kaymak, it is very nice with fruit or scones.


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Fresh Cream
The Tikvesli brande Krema in the red Tetra Cartons is a thick cream. It doesn't need whipping.

If you snip a corner off of the carton you can pipe the cream straight onto desserts, cakes etc.
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Fresh Cream
We went to a friends for dinner and she had made trifle.She had whipped Kaymak and Krema together ow the trifle was scrummie.

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Fresh Cream
You have to whip krema for irish coffee as if you dont it just sinks to the bottom of the glass! not a good look.

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Fresh Cream
Be careful with the word 'kaymak' its also used for something else altogether and its very rude!

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