Shake It Baby...
Freezing In The North, Basking In The South
First Snow of Season!!

Unbelievably, the roads of 25 villages in Trabzon were cut off from connecting roads yesterday due to unexpected and heavy snowfall overnight.




Freezing In The North, Basking In The South
I have been in Supsa in Georgia last couple of days. (Just over the Border from Trabzon)
Had torrential rain, looks like the back end of the snow storms.
Some high ground areas of Georgia (on the Turkish border areas) have lost power due to heavy snow affecting the power lines.

Last two days was 7 hours drive up to Supsa, over night in operators camp, up early this morning for 3 hours work on site, then hop back in Land Cruiser for another 7 hours drive back to Tbilisi.
Tomorrow is office day to write up a report, then Thursday off again to Georgia/Turkey border country to try and sort out a High voltage electrical supply to one of our facilities.
That will be another early start 4hrs drive, a couple of hours on site and drive back. However this site is only 5 kms from a ski resort, we hate the early snow, they love it.

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