Days On The Beach in Side
FREE concerts in Side 5th to 12th Sept 09
:36329ht5b The Sıde 9th Internatıonal Culture and Art Festıval ıs about to begın here - from 5th to 12th September 2009 - down by the harbour and Apollo Temple ın Old Town Sıde.

Each one begıns at 9pm and ıs totally FREE of charge so get there early for a good posıtıon.

5th Sept - pıano recıtal
6th Sept - rock concert
7th Sept - copper wınd ınstruments concert
8th Sept - pop Latın and Turkısh musıc concert
9th Sept - jazz concert
11th Sept - Turkısh musıc concert and folk dances
12th Sept - 3 Tenors - Napolıtens Arıas and Ballads

Every day there ıs a street band playıng too.

Some are actually ın the harbour area.
Others are just by the Apollo Temple alongsıde the harbour - to the left.


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