Freaky friday
Tonight is commonly known as Freaky Friday at home when every man and his dog is out partying before Christmas, bars are packed all day and huge quantities of the devils buttermilk is consumed. This inevitably leads to numerous punch ups and a very busy A&E at the local hospital.
Not a night for the faint hearted and I for one will not be venturing out the door this evening.
Is it the same where you live or is this confined to rural Ireland.:kafa::kafa::50:
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Freaky friday
According to the BBC World News this morning it is a national thing, happening all over the UK.
Freaky friday
It must be a new thing because I have never heard of it and have lived Manchester/Cheshire/West Mid's. :36329ht5b

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Freaky friday
The Bars and Restaurants will be the same here in Cleveleys, Poulton, Fleetwood and Blackpool today, I used to love oour Office parties, we always went to one of the big Hotels in town, and in those days bars didn't open all day, so we used to party on in the Hotel until 7 p,m, then off to the Gynn Square in Blackpool to celebrate, brilliant fun times, but older now, :blink: those hangovers were huge ones, lol. Never any fights though, just a good old time.
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Freaky friday
In Wigan it's called 'mad friday'. When my son was a student and working as a glass collecter in a bar many years ago they made more in tips on that one day than they did in the previous 2 months....that was the up side. The down side was it was imposible to get a taxi home and he had a long walk.

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