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Freak Accident
What a unbelievable freak accident this was. Felip Massa, Formula 1 driver, was hit by a spring from Rubens Barrichello's car, knocking him out and causing his car to crash into a tyre wall at 170 mph.

This video near the end, shows the spring hurtling towards his car - frightening...

[ame=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=80c_1248559622]LiveLeak.com - Felipe Massa freak accident[/ame]



Freak Accident
I hope he recovers and the induced coma is part of his care.

A local garage owner had Felipe's 2006 car on display yesterday, I saw him in action in that car at Indianapolis in July 2006. The only F1 event I have visited.

Then I got home just in time to see him pile into the type wall.


Freak Accident
It's a rare occurrence nowadays since Senna died in a similar sort of incident. Anything hitting you at speed is potentially lethal, even a nut would be. It will be analysed and hopefully more safety will come out of it.


Freak Accident
As stated this was a freak accident, if you have ever been to a race circuit, you will see the track littered with debris from the cars after a few laps, these cars are so finely tuned and torqued that bits do fall off with the pressure put on them. I do hope he makes a speedy recovery as he is a faboulus driver.


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Freak Accident
I hope massa makes a full recovery, I have just watched the accident on BBC1 again and with the combined force of the spring travelling towards him and his speed on impact it is incredible his helmet saved him from certain death. The spring weighed around 1kg according to the reports.

Couple that with Massas impact into the tyre wall and the lack of injuries to his legs show how safe these cars are these days.

However I think there may be a case for the introduction of some kind of deflector in front of the driver such as bullet proof glass or something along those lines.

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Freak Accident
A brilliant victory for Lewis Hamilton, thankfully no more injuries. Massa is still not out of the woods tho' he is having another scan today, a very subdued end today, quite rightly all thoughts are with their team mate.

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