Foster home needed for 4 mths for a shepherd cross dog
Please can someone help me out and foster a dog for 3-4 mths, She is a shepherd cross around 1 yrs old and she will be going with my other 4 dogs in foster to bulgaria for 6 mths and then onto the uk..I just need a kind hearted Animal lover to help me make that possible..My foster homes are full at the minute as i have 5 dogs in foster, 4 of which will be going to bulgaria including this dog if i can get foster for her and quick..

She needs
2 x vaccinations
90 day blood test

All this takes time and in total around 3-4 mths

I will pay for all her vet treatments and food, I just need someone to take her into there home for 3-4mths..

I have taken many dogs out of turkey and will continue to do so, I wont just dump the dog on you and never come back..If you would like someone to call you on my behalf to let you know what kind of person i am then this is fine..
My other foster homes i have used for a long time now are in Altinkum so you can speak to them if you wish

Thanks Karen x

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