Forgotten couple
A very sad situation indeed, God love the poor couple involved, I am sure they are out of their senses. I have no idea how this will or how it could be solved but I would dearly love to see them reunited far away and safe from their captors. Very very sad.


Forgotten couple
Shouldn't the british government be sending in people to get this couple out....be it the SAS, Navy or whatever! :blink: God help them..


Forgotten couple
apparently there was a botched attempt recently but I wouldnt imagine it to be easy to get access in such a lawless area
Forgotten couple
I understand units from the Turkish fleet are on a long-term Anti-Piracy operation in the area. Perhaps they should appeal to Mr. Erdogan for help. What a PR coup it would be for Turkey if they could secure the release of this poor couple! :roundgrin
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Forgotten couple
It looks like they have separated them which makes a seige harder to achieve. Freadful ordeal and having to cope with it on their own.

Someone must be able to help, I do hope they get released soon.


Forgotten couple
just seen a picture of the wife, talking to a journalist for the first time, and she looks very frail, lost a lot of weight.


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Forgotten couple
If memory serves me well, there was a sodding great big Navy Ship there at the time
( initially denied but the truth came out) , who did not intervene for the safety of the couple. Sometimes the best bet is the big bluff, let em go or you all die, all of you. No exceptions.


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