Forest Clearing in Kayakoy/Hisaronu
Has anyone noticed that between the road connecting Hisaronu and Kayakoy, that there is an awful lot of forest clearing going on?
Yesterday while passing just past the cemetery, they have cleared a huge space. All the trees have gone. :dooh:

This winter, Kayakoy suffered a flood, and we were affected by this. Our land, house, everywhere was flooded. The muddy water came in our house and everything was ruined. So why are they clearing trees still?

I worry about next winter if we have extreme rain again. Trees and forest act as a natural barrier against floods, so Kayakoy could potentially be at risk again for flooding, especially since there are less trees on the mountain acting as a natural barrier.

What does everybody else think?
And what can we do?


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Forest Clearing in Kayakoy/Hisaronu
They started off by clearing the trees that fell in the storms. Then they've dropped a number of them that were close to the powerlines and were in danger of bringing them down.

I think the section you're referring to is being cleared because the council are going to cut out that bend and straighten the road. That's why there's so much muck and rubbish being tipped there at the moment.

The trees that are being felled now will have very little effect on the amount of water coming into the valley. The biggest problem is that, at the moment, almost all rain that falls on Hisaronu and Ovacik is sent down the valley by the current drainage system to Kaya.

There is apparently a plan to divert some of it down to Oludeniz and out to sea but it remains to be seen whether there's money in this year's budget for the work to be done.

The drainage ditch that runs through the valley has been cleared out now so there's less likelyhood of the waters backing-up like they did this winter.
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