Foreigners in Turkey
I've just uncovered this amusing (serious) study of the judical status of Yabancis in Turkey dating from 1914. It might amuse a few of you:

"The rights and privileges of foreigners in Turkey are extensive and anomalous in character.
Under the extraordinary regime of the Capitulations the Turks have retained but few of the rights of territorial sovereignty in respect to jurisdiction over resident foreigners.
The result of this condition of affairs has been an attitude of irritating superiority on the part of the privileged foreigner; a corresponding resentful hostility on the part of the humiliated Turk ; and incessant diplomatic controversies of a most trying nature."

Full text of the book available here: Internet Archive: Free Download: Foreigners in Turkey; their juridical status

The site is a gold mine of old texts and films about Turkey (and everywhere else).

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