Foreigners Helpline
In August 20, 2015 Foreign Communication Center (FCC), extended the service network and started to give support the foreigners who are already in Turkey and who want to come to Turkey. HELLO 157 FCC has the aim to solve all the problems of foreigners as quick as possible.

FCC is the line that is serving 7/24 in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic languages for all the foreigners who are already in Turkey and who want to come to Turkey .

HELLO 157 FCC, with its quick and trustworthy service, aims to be the first line for foreigners to apply in case of questions and problems.İMER-Alo-157-1475269222800665/timeline/?__fns&hash=Ac0XGAkEqh_sXdwP
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Foreigners Helpline
It does work and can even save lives.

An English speaking foreigner called Foreign Communication Center on 18.09.2015 at 15.09 and reported that they set off from Bodrum and there were 8 people on the boat, she called 158 but she couldn’t be able to express herself since she didn’t know Turkish, their boat was taking on water and they needed urgent help.

A foreigner representative from the foreign communication center, which is available 7 days 24 hours in 4 languages including English, conveyed the situation to the Coast Guard’s ALO-158 phone line. Upon the conveyance, Coast Guard Command teams reached the location information of the migrants and arrived in Bodrum Gümüşlük area and rescued 8 migrants; one Syrian, 7 Myanmar nationals, whose boat was about to sink.

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Foreigners Helpline
This is a welcome revamp and extension of the Alo 157 service which unknown to many has been in operation since 2005 when it was launched by the then International Organisation for Migration.
For a number of years it was advertised here locally on stickers on dolmuses, public areas, public offices etc and many people took advantage of it.
The latest revamp will hopefully see it used on a wider scale and help those who need it.

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