For Sale: Optoma HD28DSE DLP Projector
Optoma HD28DSE DLP Projector and Projector Screen
FOR SALE - 2,500.00 TL (excluding shipping)
Purchased June 9, 2016
Excellent condition, has not been used for over three years.
Original original cables, parts, remote control, box and packing.
Full HD 3D, HDMI, built-in speaker, does not need a dark room for good viewing
3000 lumens of brightness and 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
Resolution - 1080p - WUXGA - 1920 x 1200
Inputs - HDMI1 - HDMI2 + MHL (2.2)
Outputs - Audio 3.5mm - USB-A Power (0.9A) - 12V Trigger
Lamp has been only run 1172 hours almost all in Eco mode.
The lamp has a rated life of 4,000 hours (8,000 hours in Eco mode)

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New Price 3,999.00 TL

Projector Screen 180 cm wide similar to this - New 263.00 TL

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