For Akasya
You really are on form tonight.

Loving your answers on the threads....

Soo x

p.s. Ooops I think this is on the wrong forum.
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Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
For Akasya
Can you imagine being deserted on an Island with Akaysa and Peregrine, you'd die laughing, hehe. Now there's a thought for a thread, lol.


For Akasya
Think being stranded with Akaysa and Peregrine would be mighty, the one liners would be awesome, laughs would be fab !!!


Postless Pointer
For Akasya
So very kind, blushing like a bride, you know the nicest part of this is that Soo, whilst suffering the slingshots and arrows her ailment troubles her with, is able to be so kind to others.

You are all marvelous company.

Soo ( Rainbow ) you are inspiring.

Deep thanks, Steve.

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