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Football jokes
Apparently some women won a football match yesterday. They talk such crap on the BBC. This morning one commentator said' This could change the whole shape of women's football'
Don't they realise that if it is not round it won't roll?


Football jokes
I got the usual icy stares from the girls for ending every comment from Alex Scott with "Yeh, two sugars in mine love please".


Football jokes
It seems all my Man UTD footy supporter friends on here, have all gone very quiet today -

So just just et me do a quick Microphone Check -

1-2, 1-2, 1-2…

I don't follow football but Manu lost 4 nil to a team called Brentford who id literally never heard of :(.

Even I was shocked let alone the two Man U fans sitting opposite me :(


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Football jokes
I was surprised to see Sir Alex bumming up Giggsy in court , he and the courthouse should take heed of the old adage , you might know him at work , but you never know what goes on behind closed doors , particularly with a very wealthy , famous , presentable young man , loads of alcohol and easily impressed nubile young ladies ....do we ?

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