Football jokes
The West Ham manager Pelegrini had a call from the London fire brigade to say there was a fire at the London City ground, he asked if it had reached the kitchen, they said it hadn't reached the cups yet.
Football jokes
A statement from Frank Lampard.

"Friends and family mean everything to me" said the former Chelsea midfielder.

"When i arrived home after being sacked John Terry was there consoling Christine. They were both red faced and out of breath with emotion".

Friends for life J.T.
Football jokes
I was 8 years old when it happened.

Uncle Terry came into my room, The Sun was shining and I was looking forward to another nice day.

But, young as I was, I knew what his intentions were straight away. I was small for my age, but still I fought as hard as I could.

He was just so big, so strong, He forced me to do that terrible thing and I was powerless to stop him,

The Shame, hurt pain and confusion ruined my childhood and to this day I still wake up crying about it.

But I was luckier than some,

That was the one and only time I had to wear an Everton shirt.

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