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Flyfishing in Side
Hey there guys and gals ellmull here :)

I find myself in the gleefull position of looking forward to a holiday in Side in 2 weeks and ive decided that i will never forgive myself if i dont pack the trusty travel rod and have a crack. I thought id better ask ahead though and if anybody knows of any flyfishing in Side wether it be still or saltwater please could you give me some info :)

Cheers a bunch,Elliot


Flyfishing in Side
Hi Elliot, I am a keen fly angler here in Wales and I have a place in Side. The only angling I have seen are the locals [they fish for food] who bait fish from the harbour breakwater and others at the Manavgat river which also has trout farming cages. Dont forget you need a licence which is about 150 Lira for visitors, only 10 for locals, this put me right off.[there was a long thread on this some time ago] There are a few tackle shops in Manavgat but no fly tackle.There are loads of rivers and a huge reservoir in the hills above Manavgat which could possibly be an untapped treasure trove for fly anglers although I do not know what fish they hold. Its very difficult to find out anything as I dont speak Turkish.
regards Phil

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