Flights "Urgent help" needed Plz !!
we booked flights with custom flights 8 days 9th Oct - 17th Oct -Manchester to Dalaman. 4 people
We have had 3 changes so far to the return flights which were origonally - DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 02:40 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to -
DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 00:50 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to -
DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 03:10 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to -
DLM - MAN - 16th Oct - 07:15 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to -

So now with this last change today we lose a full day of our planned visit to sort out our place.
CAN ANYONE help please trying to find a charter return flight on the 17th or 18th from DLM- MAN. I have tried looking and all I can see is easyjet at almost £200 for the return. If I can find returns on those days preferably charter then maybe i can get them to change for me with little cost.

Please if you lovely people in the know can spot or direct me to 4 flights on the 17th or 18th Oct I would be so grateful. I do only have until 5pm today to locate something better or we are stuck with the full day loss on return which will impact on plans to finalise property.

Thanks in advance

NOTE ** The 6 hour return was not choice that was just to let you know how the flights went . The Man - Dlm flights are only 4.15hrs so just shows we were being a bit flexible on return so we got the full Monday - Friday days there.
Unless we can find alternative flights home we lose a full day and thats not good from our point as I said we need all working week to finalise all small details on our place.

I have rang them with a flight number i found on a 7 day return flight coming home 18th with TRK (Turkish Airlines) to see if theres any chnace they could get us on that to come home. But still looking for others incase thats a no.

Anyhelp on this would be fab.

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Flights "Urgent help" needed Plz !!
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hope there there is no problem with custom flights this was posted on the website

Their website is currently down and apparently people checking in on at least one flight have been asked to pay the airline for their flight as the airline had not been paid.

Hope they haven't gone as I have a particular soft spot for them after they "rescued" me last year after I got bounced into Gatwick as the Manchester flight was overbooked.
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Flights "Urgent help" needed Plz !!
No all seems ok with the Charterflights i booked headed up on customflights tickets.

Its just how the BD8352 flight that keeps changing as in original post. Thats the only bit of the booking that i am really so upset about and wanted late 16th / 17th or 18th flights home to manchester not this latest change to 16th at 07.00 hrs thats a full day gone and wasted.


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