Flat share for the winter in Dalyan
Any one who would like to share my apartment outside Dalyan, for the winter or longer, must be animal lover. 2-bed, lounge, kitchen/dinner, 3 lg balcony's all with mountain views, very quite, great walks. send me e- mail address Sue


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Flat share for the winter in Dalyan
Hi Susan,

Im Caroline, I am British and have living in London most of my life, I am 31 years old.

I am planning and hoping to move to the Dalyan after Christmas and wanted to spend some time there exploring while trying to settle in...job etc.

I have been in Istanbul for the last 3 months and now need some peace and quiet!

I absolutly adore animals and happy and easy peorson to live with! :eek:)

Please can you give me some more details; costs and a little about yrself if you dont mind.

Thank you


Flat share for the winter in Dalyan
Hi Caroline sorry for the delay in answering, please can you email me on alialisue@hotmail.com Thanks look forward to hearing from you replying on behalf of Sue. Jenny
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