fireworks over Turgutreis
Just watched a great firework disply over Turgutrıes, whıch I take was for vıctory day looked realy good. we waited for a couple of hours for the parade of kıds through Gumusluk a tractor and traıler stoped out sıde playıng music bıt off a cross between jazz and a steal band,
they are all down at the harbour playıng away. going to head down for a look. Jım.:11:
fireworks over Turgutreis
Hello Ken

Don't know if you remember us, the couple from Gumsan 1 we arecoming back on 20th Dec for 10 days are you doing a chrismas dinner? we would like to book it's liz and harry, would we be able to book the two of us and Gordon? if we promise to keep him under control and make him promise not to wear that ridculous suit, could you let me know prices etc.promise we wil try to keep him nermal!if that is possible.
fireworks over Turgutreis
Hello hope you are well, sorry but we are fully booked for christmas day,we put the menu up two weeks ago and we were booked out in 3 days,
But call in any time for a chat, Jim


fireworks over Turgutreis
Have you got anything available for New Year's Eve? Two people.
Will pop in end of the month to say hello anyway.

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