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firefox problems
Oh dear,computor problems & i get lost.....very easily !!
A couple of months ago i tried to get 'tv catchup'& had to go via firefox & took out a temporary subscription with a proxy server,'squid@' something or other,anyway i now need to use firefox to get the 'itv' channels but everytime i go onto firefox i get 'cache access denied' & its quoting contact squid etc to renew subscription.
Our dear 'mack' told me to go into my internet settings & remove the proxy server number,which i did(the box is now blank & the port box is automatically showing 80),but i'm still getting the same page every time i enter firefox.I also get a pop up to 'sign in' & authenticate myself,which is still showing my old log in details,although in the top lefthand side of the pop up the proxy server number has changed from *****252 to *****233.
I have uninstalled & re installed 3 times....all to no avail.
PLEASE can someone help,i'm desperate to see the BTCC on itv4 + 'er indoors is getting more p!ssed off than me as i'm messing around on the laptop for too many hours for her liking !. :42:

Both me & she who wants to be obeyed,thank you in advance.....



firefox problems
Hey Martin, sorry I didnt see your msg to me on the profile :)

Have you checked that the connections box looks like in the picture attached? it should have the "no proxy" radio button selected.

You arent using any proxy addons like FoxyProxy are you?


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firefox problems
Hi mack,thanks for your reply,my page is different to the one shown,but anything to do with proxy is 'un checked'.When in LAN page & go advanced,all my http etc boxes are empty.


Ok,mack if you read this,i've now got m.firefox on ok !!!.But when i put 'chris. orr' etc in the address bar i get a pop up asking me to install a piece of software (for xpi,ithink,)so i pressed 'install' & restarted firefox as instructed.When i put chis.orr.....into address bar again,i get same pop up again,& again etc.Any idears mate?

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