fire west london
The nightmare continues for so many people. My son is still waiting for the EWS certificate so he can sell. He was told back in January 2020 that the remediation would be finished by March 2020 only to find that the EWS doesn't just cover cladding but other fire safety issues. We only found out by making a nuisance of ourselves that the original cladding inspection was not the EWS assessment and needed to be assessed by a 'competent' person. Who do you think will pay for this second assessment? Not the freeholder.

They've moved the previous site manager for the building to another site (or sacked him for his lies and incompetence). So we wait with baited breath as to what the final cost will be. You have no idea the stress and worry this is causing.
fire west london
The cladding is the tip of the iceberg. Poor construction, missing fire breaks are some of the other breaches. My son's has wooden decks too. The builders, building regs and cladding manufacturers are totally at fault and yet the leaseholder is expected to pay


fire west london
What an awful nightmare. Why should they end up bankrupt for no fault of their own?
The best thing some people can do to escape this nightmare is to sell the flat to one of the 'we buy your home for cash' type businesses. They will get about 45% of the value and hopefully clear their mortgage, but at least they can sleep at night.
Any professionals like lawyers who own one of these flats and cannot pay the charges now faces being bankrupt, and will lose their livelihood as they will be struck off.


Grey wisdom
fire west london
Just a reminder, but it may go someway to understanding why the builders are being protected.

How could the tories for shame accept this blood money?

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