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Finally some good economic news
By The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - Canada's information technology industry will create more than 84,000 highly skilled jobs over the next four years, a recent study says.

The sector will also help create more than 1,000 new businesses between the end of this year and the end of 2013, said the study by global research firm IDC and Microsoft Corp.

The study said most of the new companies will be small and locally owned organizations and the jobs will require a high level of skill.

"Countries that foster innovation and invest in infrastructure, education and skills development for their citizens will have a major competitive advantage in the global marketplace," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in a statement on Monday.

It says software spending represents nearly 20 per cent of Canada's total IT spending, and 62 per cent of IT employees either create, distribute or service software.

Globally, 52 countries including Canada are expected to create 5.8 million new jobs and 75,000 new businesses over the next four years, the study says.

Local companies that develop or sell products that run with or on Microsoft software, or that service or distribute it, will generate $13.5 billion in revenues for themselves in 2009, the study said.

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